Benefits of learning coding | Web Dev Lesson

Right now coding teaching platforms are being promoted everywhere, but do you know what are benefits of learning coding? Why would you spend money unless you understand the benefits of coding? So let's understand about it in details.

Friends, ever since it was said about the new education policy that coding will be taught in it from 6 years, then after that ed-tech companies like White-hat Jr, Vedantu Super Coder all these loudly started advertising on TV and social media.

Online Coding Classes : WhiteHat Jr

I saw the promotion of WhiteHat Jr different platforms, in which it was being told that children from 6 years to 14 years would be taught coding and they want people to learn coding from their platform.

But the truth was told by some students that in them the teacher only tells to write and after that the apps are ready immediately after which the teacher says that the students have created the apps by coding themselves.

Well this is a different issue because if one platform does not teach properly then you can also learn from other platform but first you must understand about its benefits.

Benefits of learning coding

  • Increases Logical Thinking Power
  • Creativity takes pleasure in work
  • Problem Solving Capacity increases
  • Increase Constructive Mindset
  • Focus and Concentration gets stronger
  • There is more growth in career

Increases Logical Thinking Power

Increases Logical Thinking Power, Benefits of learning coding, Web Dev Lesson

Friends, if you learn coding then you will definitely apply logical concept and whenever any apps are created, logic is built in it, so that your own logical thinking power will increase while learning coding.

And you will have logical thinking power, if you learn coding, then this skill will be useful everywhere in your life, if you do anything other than coding, it will be of great help to you to grow in your life.

To make some life good, we have to do something different, if we have logical thinking power, then we will be able to think differently and we can do something new and good in our life.

Creativity takes pleasure in work

Creativity- It is a mental process in which new ideas, ideas or concepts are born. The scientific belief is that both originality and appropriateness are present in the products of creation. Creation is the equivalent word of creation, but it lacks the sense of originality. Anyone can build on the basis of any information.

Creativity When we think something new, then we work in a new way which is different from other people and we are able to be more successful in life with these skills and when you do this, then we feel like working while working. It's fun and we are able to do the right thing so that you can grow in life.

Problem Solving Capacity increases

Because when a project has to be completed in coding, it is told in the beginning that you have to write code to solve such problems, which gives you the ability to solve many problems in your life while coding. Which gives many benefits in life.

Problem Solving Capacity increases, Benefits of learning coding, Web Dev Lesson

Such a skill when a person has the ability to find solutions to his and others' problems. This means that the person solves the problems coming very quickly and easily. And adopts such measures. 

So that it gives him a strength to face the problems that are coming. In general, we have to go through such troubles and difficulties many times in our life when we are alone and the person giving our suggestions to us for our childish antics. No one expects, in this place we have to take our own decisions and move forward.

Now if seen here, on the other hand, an employee, a policeman, an officer etc. also need this skill because there is a need for high level of thought and solution and many such situations come when we You have to show the need of your skill, however, if seen, this quality is seen innate in some people. 

The reason would be that we definitely meet such people inside our family who impress with their sharp intellect and children have always been seen copying their parents and some acquire the qualities of their parents.

Increase Constructive Mindset

Many Saints-Mahatmas have said and even today many Motivational Gurus are seen saying on the stage. A very powerful sentence. Mindset is everything.

After all, what does it mean? How does this work. Look, think and understand. In the whole body, only one mind or your attitude is the part that controls your activity. What you see is what you will see. Whatever you think will happen and you will become what you want.

Increase Constructive Mindset, Benefits of learning coding, Web Dev Lesson

It simply means that the way you see things in the life around you or the way in which they appear in the same sense. If you see beauty in something, then only beauty will be seen in it. If you see Agility in someone, it will be seen inane there.

If you see negativity around you or say negativity, then you will see the same. If you look at positive things, you will see the same.

It all depends on what you see, think, understand and sum up your attitude, attitude, mindset or vision. That is, the way you see, think and understand.

Perhaps that is why dreams have been given so much importance in the life of humans. If you see a dream about yourself, then obviously that dream will be good and beautiful. When you see good, you will think well and in the end you will do well.

All these actions are activated by your mindset. Take an example. When you come out of the theater after watching Amitabh Bachchan's Deewar movie, you start feeling like Amitabh with your movements, voice and manner. You become Amitabh Bachchan for a while. But it is only an impression. After a while this impression fades away.

You were not Amitabh Bachchan before watching the film and even two hours after the film is over, you are no longer Amitabh Bachchan. Once the impression is over, you become who you really are. And this is the situation when we have to use our mindset.

So focus only on who you really are. Think, do and be what is positive. For this we do not have to fix our mindset. This mindset has to be broken or opened. If it is negative, then it has to be broken and made positive. If he hesitates, he has to be confident. If it is empty then dreams have to be filled in it. So say it mindset is everything.

Focus and Concentration gets stronger

When you do coding, you will see that leaving behind the whole world, you only pay attention to coding because while coding so happily or keeping in mind the final goal, when coding, your focus remains on coding.

So if you want your focus to be strong then you must learn coding.